Building the independent publishing we deserve

We started creating EditorClub in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic that changed the way we all consumed content. It was a period of reflection, in which we began to discover the advantages of being independent, of dedicating ourselves to what we like the most and of doing it from anywhere.
As writers, readers, engineers, and designers, we realized that the tools for publishing were below the level we deserve. It seems that we have to choose between tools that are too complex that take the focus away from what is important, or tools that are too simple boosted by venture capital funds that end up having conflicts of interest with their users.

So we decided to conceptualize from scratch what we think is the best tool for all of us. EditorClub consists of a simple and powerful writing-first panel, which allows you to enjoy what you like and either create a unique design for your brand or use designs created by professionals who work with media such as BBC, Forbes or Condé Nast.

As we said, independence is everything to us. EditorClub is a free tool, but we do not want to accept venture capital money, or sell advertising or data. That is why we are working on special plans for large audiences, much more affordable than the competition, which will allow EditorClub to continue growing.
Fran Ríos + Manu GameroEditorClub founders
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